Venus goes ARTSpace POT72

The Turlygood Theatre Company proudly presents

Venus and Adonis

by William Shakespeare

With Barbara Geiger

Directed by Sue Graham.

Venus the Goddess of love is descending to ARTSpace POT72 on the 20th of September at 8pm for a one night only appearance.

Venus and Adonis was written in 1593, when the theatres in London were closed because of the plague raging the country. Young Will had nothing to do, so he lent his pen to Venus, to give her a voice to remind human kind that we are mortal and therefore not allowed to forgoe the pleasures of love…

Turned out to be a best seller!

Sir Walter Scott bellowed: Ha, Will Shakespeare – Wild Will! – thou hast given my nephew, Philip Sidney, love powder – he cannot sleep without thy Venus and Adonis under his pillow!

 Georg Brandes recalls: That memory Venus and Adonis, lay in the bedchamber of every light of love in London!

 And so Barbara Geiger will show exactly what all the fuzz is all about on the 20th of September at ARTSpace POT72 – not to be missed

What the critics said:

The most delightful poetry I have heard in a long time, The Kölner Express

Every ounce of strength, love and understanding for the human condition that is apparent in Shakespeare’s work is expressed particularly in this poem and by Barbara Geiger on stage. Fast moving performance. Neue Westfälische



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